Princess and the Pea

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It started with a simple idea: make my music using the most organic, basic elements to get there. I am no virtuoso, so to get music from my head to your ears sometimes depends on my ability to conjure up some electronic wizardry. But for this album I wanted a different foundation. It would be my music and my ideas. However the individual notes would have, at least at their birth, been played a real person on a non-electronic instrument. I also wanted organic sounds: birds, streams, wind, etc. It had to be real and not synthetic. That idea was realized with this album.

It was very involved because of the different approach. With electronic music there are really no rules. I tried to live within the rules and boundaries of the instruments and sounds used on this album. There was some occasional manipulation to get the sound where I wanted, but I feel I stayed true to the "mission statement".

The sounds you hear were recorded at a great number of places: the EastWest 1 studio in California known for Pet Sounds among many other great recordings, a symphony hall in Zlin, Czech Republic, and sound halls in Germany and Denmark. It involved a number of fantastic musicians including members of the London Contemporary Orchestra, a boys choir (ages 8-12) and soloists, and Petr Pololanik and his Capellen orchestra to name but just a few. I could make a long list because I utilized a variety of sounds but ultimately it came down to getting the ideas from my head and into these tracks.

In the end it is just about the music. Nothing spectacular or ground breaking. Just relaxing and fun. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it.

Release date:  
March 1, 2017
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