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Streaming music

StreamingAll of the albums listed here are available for streaming at your favorite outlet now such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Media Net (Beat), Apple Music, Amazon Prime, and Google Play!


Unfinished This is a mental note for posterity sake. In the past when I put together an album there are "fragments" or leftovers of music that just did not get worked on or completed for various reasons. Sometimes I go back and revisit a musical piece and finish it leaving it to end up on another album. Other times it is completely abandoned.

Some updates...

Cra+ OnsObviously I had to make some changes on this website. A whole lot has been accomplished and most of my releases are up. I have included links for purchasing the albums from various sources for anyone interested.

Also I have resumed work on Cra+ Ons which should still be on target for a December release. I have linked to two of the completed songs on this CD under "releases".