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Yellow (a new track for Cra+ Ons)

Yellow Cra+ OnsOver the summer, as you might know by now, I spent most of my time working on a soundtrack. It was orchestral and cinematic in nature. Once it was over, I thought, "what now?" Would I keep with my "summer" formula of orchestral music?

Some updates...

Cra+ OnsObviously I had to make some changes on this website. A whole lot has been accomplished and most of my releases are up. I have included links for purchasing the albums from various sources for anyone interested.

Also I have resumed work on Cra+ Ons which should still be on target for a December release. I have linked to two of the completed songs on this CD under "releases".

Time to rebuild Solosounds

After some time now I have decided to rebuild this site from the ground floor up, leaving room for only what is most important. I will be adding information in the next few weeks. Thank you for visiting and for your patience on my remodel.