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City Sounds

The idea behind City Sounds comes from a formula that I discovered over 27 years ago. Sometimes music creates atmosphere on its own. Other times you can instill atmosphere into each track of an album in a very organized and purposeful manner. That is what I envisioned with City Sounds.

Cra+ Ons

For Cra+ Ons I went back to my electronica roots where guys like Jean-Michel Jarre, Klause Schulz, and Edgar Froesse held my listening attention span. Rhythmic tones and sound effects were always a highlight. Melody and mood worked together and painted a picture that set the imagination in motion. For this CD I tried to capture those concepts. Modern techniques and styles were injected here and there to bring these ideas to life! In all, some 45 musical pieces were created in the process. But only a fraction could make the cut that would make up this album.

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