By Morning

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I know exactly what you’re thinking
What I don’t know is what is on your mind
And since the both of us have been drinking
I’m probably better off to leave this one behind

If you’ll remind me once again just why I’m here I’ll probably be gone by the morning
If you don’t know that is ok cause I don’t care because I will be gone tomorrow

We knew that this was temporary
Another sullied sad affair
Another stupid situation
I don’t know, I ain’t all here

If you’ll remind me why I stayed this long I promise that I will be gone by morning
And if I leave something of mine behind I promise it will be alright, just throw it away

And if you try to follow me I probably will act like I don’t even know you
But I leave right now in all reality I’ll probably be back here by morning

Cause I’ll be back by morning (dual octave ending solo vocal ha)

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Release date:  
March 2, 2020
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