Walking on the Moon

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I never meant to say goodbye
I never meant to make you cry
I only wanted to break away
To leave these worldly things behind
Spread my wings and began to fly
I only wanted to leave this place
And surf the waves of another shore
And finally find what I was looking for
I only fear that I left too soon
To blast off to another world
I’m walking on the moon

I never meant to walk away
With you around I would gladly stay
The rock that calls me
Calls me home
Its time to spread my wings and fly
Surf the waves in a different sky
If you would join me in this place
Step right in to another land
Come on in I will take your hand
I hope that you will join me soon
And live our lives in another world
Please join me on the moon

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Release date:  
March 2, 2020
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